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Following are stories and alerts we feel can benefit the local Mohawk Valley seed fund and startup ecosystem. Please let us know if you see something we should know about and or post. Consider joining us on Twitter

Do you have; startup, small company formation, and or startup finance experience? Are you within reach of the Upstate, Utica-Rome, New York area? Would you enjoy helping startups grow our regional economy and prosperity? Have a look below, get to know New York Entrepreneurs Foundation (NYEF). You might also consider the Mohawk Valley Seed Fund

August 25, 2016 - Utica-Rome, NY We're meeting and seeking members for our local, Utica-Rome based, startup seed fund. We will be like these guys below, albeit on a slightly smaller scale ;-) Please consider Joining Us if you'd enjoy being an active startup investor that will select, guide and finance promising startup investiments with other like-minded investors.

July 27, 2016 - Little Falls, NY Members of the Mohawk Valley Seed Fund were hosted on a canal ride and pool-side party for VoteUpstateJobs movement.
We're behind Martin Babinec as he's the man who gave us our start, and while we are still forming, the Plan Martin is Committed To Will Far Exceed What Other New York Politicians Have Done
Our seed fund and Martin's Congressional bid is about the belief that "...risk capital, startups and small businesses are the bedrock of a strong jobs market and a thriving middle class" Consider Contacting & Joining the Upstate Jobs Party

June 3, 2016 - Utica, NY Picked up information during pitches from start-ups in Utica. Event at the new ThINCubator with; Griffiss Institute Air Force Research Laboratory Information Directorate (AFRL/RI) and Wasabi Ventures

For media coverage watch Entrepreneurs Compete To Win Thousands Of Dollars To Launch Startups

Consider this...The Mohawk Valley Seed Fund while still forming, has our eyes on where technology and companies are going. Locally it seems to be towards Nano Technology, but across upstate there are many options likely to encourage spin-out innovative companies. Google has their eyes scooping-out their opportunities...

May 24, 2016 - Utica, NY Tonight the region’s start-ups are meeting at the new and greatly expanded ThINCubator in #DowntownUtica Grab your ticket here at UpState Venture Connect (UVC) or perhaps just stop-in and see what companies are seeking seed funding, looking for expert startup advice…

November 7, 2015- Utica, NY Along with Upstate Venture Connect (UVC), The Mohawk Valley Seed Fund, attented the Utica Comets hosted in the owner's suite by team co-owner Frank DuRoss. In attendence were; Dan Forbush, Martin Babinec, Chuck Stormon, Kevin Rowe, Cofounders of local the Common Wealth agency, John Zogby, Brett Truett, Kathryn Cartini and others.

September 4, 2015- Utica, NY The Mohawk Valley Seed Fund, a Utica, NY-based Startup, Angel, Fund, a progress update: Strong new member/manager has been attracted, and we are building-outour Startup, Seed Funding Platform, moving to fund Upstate New York Startups Follow or get in touch with us Mohawk Valley Seed Fund

September 1, 2015- Edison, NJ Three #Startup Co-founders, from just one High School, pretty cool! If you follow high school education and #Entrepreneurship, learn more about John P. Stevens in Edison, NJ and how they've been called a Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs. Follow our emerging startup / angel fund, the Mohawk Valley Seed Fund located in Utica, New York. We aim to support startups locally, and globally, who seek funding and business creation expertise.

August 27, 2015- Utica, NY Get to know @JohnMaxMiller His personal website John Max Miller and on Linkedin John is a serial Entrepreneur in Upstate New York and part of the emerging Upstate NY Startup Ecosystem Interesting stuff? Then please consider following us @MVSeedFund

August 21, 2015- Utica, NY/Boston, MA The Mohawk Valley Seed Fund @MVSeedFund has eyes on other emerging Northeast #Northeast Angel Groups. We're looking at how they build and manager their funding teams, and where they seek to make investments. As an example, TechU Angels are a global team of MIT alumni seeking global opportunities, read a story here MIT TechU Angels Or visit them here TechU Angels

August 12, 2015- Poughkeepsie, NY/Utica, NY Last night two members of the newly emerging Mohawk Valley Seed Fund (Martin Babinec, not pictured and Brett Truett, pictured at right above) visited with (from left to right) Chad Gomes, Paul Hakim and Johnny LeHane of the emerging Hudson Valley-based angel group, called "Hudson Valley Startup Fund". In attendance were both committed and pending angel investors from the Hudson Valley region who were learning more about the fund, and setting early expectations. The organizational meeting was sponsored by Marist College. Marist is highly engaged in supporting startups; a new facility called the Hancock Center where last nights meeting took place, as well this website Anthony DiMarco, Marist's "Business Innovator - Coach - Collaborator" had a direct hand in the early formation of the HVSF and was also on hand. Martin and Brett, on behalf of the Utica-based Mohawk Valley Seed Fund, were collecting knowledge and names to add to the growing Upstate New York startup funding network. In addition to Martin, Dick Frederick and Joe Richardson were in attendance. Dick and Joe came down from Albany were they lead Eastern New York Angels (ENYA). Follow us, and or, visit Upstate Venture Connect for more information on the expanding "startup ecosystem" in Upstate New York.

July 17, 2015- NYC Angel Conference On August 6th VC & Angel Conference in New York City Sponsored by @mccarterenglish Enjoy #Networking with other Investors, Entrepreneurs & Start-ups Consider following us, the MV Seed Fund LLC @MVSeedFund

July 16, 2015- NYC, Barclays' Financial Technology Accelerator Via @NYBizJournal the New York Business Journal, Barclays & @techstars have unveil 11 companies in their Financial Technology Accelerator NY Financial Sector Startups, for more related new try these links #Startups and #fintech And for more on Utica-based Mohawk Valley Seed Funding, follow @MVSeedFund

June 27, 2015- Utica, NY, Grant kicks off #SeedFund , John R Oishei Foundation to help entrepreneurs create new high-growth upstate New York startups. To the east, in the Mohawk Valley, Utica has a Seed Fund forming; the MV Seed Fund LLC- follow us @MVSeedFund

June 17, 2015- Utica, NY, Bookshelf Update We recommend a @NYTimes Bestseller, Guide to Angel Investing Our own @BrettTruett received a copy from author @davidsrose upon release, "a sweet surprise gift! Read in Shanghai, sent thank you card, but returned three times!" Now Brett's just waiting to hand card over personally, unless someone can send good mailing address?
Guide To Angel Investing

May 31, 2015- Utica, NY, Are you a StartUp? If so and in case you've missed it, here's a must listen to podcast Startup by Gimlet Media Thanks goes to @aaronnelsen for alerting us! Read a New York Times review here Documenting the Journey From Public Radio to Start-Up Owner Consider following us @MVSeedFund

May 29, 2015- Utica, NY, Looking for funding, startup investing? Consider @Quire, you can find them at Quire; Startup Investing and Funding

May 21, 2015- Utica, NY, Art of Valuing Startups, starting a new company in the Mohawk Valley, Utica-Rome region of NY? Learn the four methods used by seed funding groups to determine the value of your company, read more Forbes, on seed fund valuation techniques. The four methods are termed; VC, Berkus, Scorecard Valuation & Risk Factor Summation. Interesting? Starting up? Then please consider following us @MVSeedFund

May 3, 2015- Utica, NY, How To Attract Seed Funding , Article via @Inc & @murraynewlands Article reports, "If you really want to get Startup Seed Funding, you should consider..." read full story if your seeking seed, startup, funding in the Mohawk Valley, Utica-Rome region If you're following #MohawkValley, #SeedFunding, #StartUps; then follow us @MVSeedFund

April 29, 2015
Counsel focused on Startups & Technology-enabled firms, consider following @dfutterlaw Their article on Trends in Seed & Early Stage Funding

April 26, 2015 #CNY #MohawkValley #Utica #Startups take note: Announcing the agenda for Disrupt NY 2015 #TCDisrupt, via the Mohawk Valley Seed Fund LLC @MVSeedFund

April 23, 2015- Utica, NY By way of Albany, NY via @StartupGrindALB and @overit hear our own Martin Babinec talk about startups in the Mohawk Valley and Upstate New York. Read more here Martin Babenic talks startups and the new Upstate NY funding ecosystem. Be sure to track #SeedFunding and follow us @MVSeedFunding

December 2, 2014- Kingston, NY An appropriate story from the Hudson Valley Business Review titled "A primer on angels", which discusses angel investing, startups, funding in the Hudson Valley and Upstate regions of New York... Read Story


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