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The MVSF is forming, we'll be owned and managed by a professional and serious team of like-minded investors, not to be confused with less-formal “investment clubs”.

Membership will make the final investment decisions, while Managing Members provide oversight of the Mohawk Valley Seed Fund LLC's operations. The overall goal is to attract and cultivate a regular flow of promising startups. To then help CEO’s present their opportunities in front of Mohawk Valley investors seeking early-stage investments.

Startup Sources Investment opportunities are brought to the MVSF from members, affiliated organizations both within the newly emerging Upstate startup ecosystem, as well as various online investment platforms. Startups may also be submitted through our website. All submitting companies MUST submit a slide deck, financials, as well as their executive summary.

Evaluation A Screening Committee made up of members will evaluate investment opportunities that come into the fund. When a startup passes the Screening Committee careful evaluations, additional materials will be required for a startup to move onto the due diligence phase.

Due Diligence A Due Diligence Committee will be set up for each company approved by the Screening Committee for due diligence. Each Due Diligence Committee will make a recommendation for possible vote to invest by the MVSF’s membership.

If the startup is voted for a possible investment, a Lead Member will help the prospective company in making a formal presentation to the membership. It is the careful responsible and coaching by a Lead Member that will prepare a limited number of the most promising startups to present itself to our membership. The Lead Member will also make a recommendation as to the size and general terms of a possible seed investment.

Upon a positive membership vote, a term sheet will be negotiated to set our investment and requirements.

Monitoring Following an investment, a Lead Member and Monitoring Committee will be setup for each portfolio company. Often including members of the Due Diligence Committee, that work with the portfolio company and report on the startup at monthly meetings. These committees are responsible for keeping the MVSF membership apprised of a portfolio company’s; material developments, management changes, subsequent rounds of investments, and the progress toward key company milestones.


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