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Martin Babinec "Silicon Valley Perspective Shapes My Outlook" I returned to my Upstate hometown in 1999 because of my family roots here, and the desire my wife and I share to raise our children in this environment as opposed to the large metropolitan environment of the San Francisco Bay Area where we started our business. While this required a significant personal time loss spent commuting back and forth to Silicon Valley over 10 years, I have no regrets about the tradeoffs involved... Read More

Joe McCoy "" "(Statement)" (Bio...). Read More

Brett Truett "Region's Past Prosperity Instilled My Life Mission To Grow Good-to-Great Jobs in the Mohawk Valley Region" Founder, President, and CEO of the local firm SoftNoze USA Inc. Brett's firm designs, manufacturers and market components for the factory automation industries, specifically realted to sensors and switches... Read More

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