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Seed Funding is Startup Investing

Seed funding is also known as "angel investing" and represents when individual people directly invest their personal capital into startup companies. First owner equity, plus "family and friends", may nourish a company's initial stage of development. Next, a round of seed funding (generally in amounts between $25,000 to $500,000) are made by one or more angels into early-stage ventures. Like small plants, the hope is for small companies to grow into giant trees, and thus the term "seed funding".

In the case of the MVSF, we antisipate investments of $50,000 to $150,000, and only after each startup is carefully vetted. After one or more rounds of seed funding, successuful businesses may move onto to larger venture capital investiment rounds. VC's typically place $3-5 million into early-stage deals. The MVSF is joining a network of Upstate seed funds as well as associations with several larger funds may help successful companies, open doors when later-stage investments are required.

Seed Fund investors usually focus on companies that have already developed a basic concept and business strategy and are in the seed stage of investment. An emphasis is placed on business enterprises with the potential for rapid growth. In addition to offering significant capital to launch business entities, many "angels" also offer their business expertise and actively participate in the management, operation, and marketing of the business.

To learn more about the MVSF, Contact Us and submit a request to make a presentation at one of our monthly meetings. The MVSF Coordinator will respond shortly. In the near future we'll add a business plan submission platform.


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